About Us

Quality Express Kitchen Cabinets was founded by contractors Marco Lozano & Claudio Alberca, who brings there years of experience as general contractors to this latest venture. Quality Express Kitchen Cabinets specializes in the design and creation of quality, high-end kitchen cabinets that fits any budget using only the highest level of craftsmanship as well as installing countertops made of granite, marble, ceramic and stone.

Whether it’s remodeling your existing kitchen or outfitting a brand new one, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to having strong relationships with vendors, architects and engineers, we also work very closely with homeowners to come up with designs that are applicable to their style. If natural hardwoods are your fancy, the natural warmth and texture of this wood will provide a welcome contrast to any stainless-steel appliances you may already have or those you may be installing in your new kitchen.

In fact, Quality Express Kitchens stocks about 30 different types of wood, including alder, cherry, maple and oak, all of them making for great-looking kitchen cabinets. We can design any kitchen cabinet style, be it French Colonial or Art Deco, or a combination of styles to give your kitchen a more eclectic look.

We know that the kitchen is perhaps the most important meeting place in the home. We also realize that a new kitchen is an important investment for most people. That’s why we encourage our customers to take their time in designing a space that is easy to work in and aesthetically pleasing.

Quality Express Kitchen Cabinets works with customers in Westchester and Putnam counties. We promise to deliver on time, every time, giving customers the beautiful, quality kitchen they’ve always dreamed of.